Recreation and cultural engagement programme

Bike safety workshop

Refugee Hub runs a bike safety workshop for the newly arrived in the school holidays. Registered bike safety trainers deliver the workshop to small groups of 10. Refugee Hub supply a fully maintained bike to each participant following the workshop.

This programme affords each participant an opportunity for independence, transport and recreation.

We are also planning a family ride in the spring. All participants who have completed a bike safety workshop and their families are welcome to attend.

Community soccer Project

Refugee Hub helps youth access soccer in Newcastle. We collaborate with Jesmond Soccer Club and engage with representatives from other Newcastle soccer clubs. We offer assistance with the registration, costs and equipment (where possible). Grant funding and corporate support allows us to directly support youth through this programme.

Beach Safety workshop

Refugee Hub supports clients to participate in a weekend beach safety workshop run over 3 weeks at Cooks Hill Surf Life Saving Club (SLSC). This is an annual initiative.

We are also partnering with Cooks Hill SLSC to offer a weekend family beach day during winter. The aim is to get families familiar and comfortable with the beach for recreation.