Pathways to independence workshops

Visitors to Refugee Hub range from the very newly arrived to those who have been in Australia for some years. We run a range of workshops to give information and a pathway to independence in negotiating everyday life.

Free Wills Days
Our relationship with the community leadership allows us to check the breadth of specific issues and come up with plans for group access to information and individual support on legal matters.

In November 2017 we ran Free Wills Days – following general information sessions in October 2017. These sessions resulted in a partnership with the Hunter Community Legal Centre, Gilbert and Tobin Legal firm and ourselves. We were able to provide information to more than 30 clients; legal appointments for 24 clients; and over 60 legal documents were prepared (Wills, Power of Attorney, and Enduring Guardianship).

All partners have agreed to run a similar workshop later in 2018, as a result of the success of this first round. This was the first such free workshop in Australia for those from refugee-like backgrounds.