XL Events team building workshops create bikes for the newly arrived

XL Events team building workshops create bikes for the newly arrived Image

XL Events team building workshops create bikes for the newly arrived

  • May 29, 2018

Refugee Hub has been the beneficiary of a unique team building enterprise. Using their corporate team building workshops, XL events have donated brand new bikes to Refugee Hub.

The partnership began in November last year at the instigation of DSI underground whose staff were undertaking a sales training exercise with XLevents. Elizabeth Etheridge, Executive Assistant at DSI explains,  

“The teams must earn pieces of their bikes by completing a series of fun interactive challenges.  Once all the pieces have been collected, the race is on to build their bikes. The first team to build the bike; and pass their bike inspection from our qualified mechanic, will win The Bike Factory challenge. Once all the bikes are complete, we reveal the feel good surprise…. The donation of the new bikes to their new owners!”

The exercise produced three 16” bikes that  were donated to Refugee Hub. John Sandy, Project Liaison Officer at Refugee Hub, and co-ordinator of the Bike Programme, was invited to the closing of the workshop where he was presented with the bikes and extended the gratitude of the Refugee Hub for this donation.

The bikes will be given to selected youth from recent family arrivals after they complete a bike safety awareness program. The contribution of the bikes to youth whose families are unable to afford such luxuries, is a valueable final component of the DSI staff’s team building activity.

XL Events promote this “charitable” component and have agreed to partner with Refugee Hub for future activities in Newcastle. We express our gratitude to both XL Events and DSI for their generosity and willingness to assist Refugee Hub through this professional corporate development program.

A December 2017 workshop produced another eight bikes for participants of the Refugee Hub Bike Programme. HIVis Group engaged XL Events to run a team building exercise for their Carrington production and sales staff. The methodology of the exercise was the same as the previous DIS activity.

John attended the final workshop on December 20 at the Carrington workshops and on this occasion took along 2 parents and three children to accept the bikes and thank the company staff for their generosity. The three children were given an opportunity to select the bike of their choice and the bikes were then adjusted to each individual child.  They then took them for a practice ride around the factory floor.

It was a very fitting end to the activity and the year for the staff as that was their last day at work before the Christmas break. The staff were very enthusiastic and emotional about the handing over of the bikes and the chance to see the children enjoying the product of their personal and team development.

We again express our appreciation to XL Events for their wonderful partnership and professionalism and to HIVis for their generosity and willing assistance to enable the gifts to be made available.